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I‘m GABE, and CREATEDBYGABE is the home for my independent art shop as well as graphic art collaborations with like-minded partners.

About Me

My love for creating visuals was sparked during my early youth in the ’90s, mainly by my parents, European comics, graffiti, one or two subcultures, and the Berlin-based magazine »Lodown«.

I was then taught the art of visual communication by German and Jamaican Professors and moved on to work in all kinds of creative fields.

Today I try to make inspirational print designs that breathe my cultural influences and uplifting personal art between the figurative and abstraction.

I hope you find an artwork that speaks to you and brings you joy for a long time.  

This Shop

is about channeling experiences, real craftsmanship, and artistic expression and making relatable work, that is as accessible as possible.

It aims to enable a free and independent way of creating art, without depending on trend-driven and mass-producing platforms and galleries.

Although everything on this site is created by one artist, we still try to offer a broad variety of subjects, and visual outcomes for different budgets.

Although this shop is a tiny two-people operation (Gabe & Anna), we strive to provide you enriching art as well as quality service.

Currently you can find originals, fine art prints, risographs, and art posters in GABE’s shop. 

»Thanks to everyone who supports my practice somehow and feels enriched by my art in any way.«

More info about my most affordable giclée prints.


More info about my large-scale limited edition art prints.

More info about unique riso art prints.


The latest about my life as a graphic artist.


In case you are interested in what I am working on aside this shop.


Say “Hi” to my friends from Eyecandy Artists for commercial collaborations.


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